Hello, dear readers!:) I spent my weekend in the village. As for me, it is the best pastime!:) Such a beautiful landscapes I can see every time, when I am here! I wanna show you photos. My mum made shots at that time:) She hasn't ever been a photographer, but result is so good:)))By the way, my dres is handmade. I hope, you`ll like it.
Доброго времени суток, дорогие читатели!:) Я провела свои выходные у бабушки. Как по мне, это лучшее время провождение. Какие же красивые пейзажи я наблюдаю каждый раз, когда я там!:) Хочу показать вам фото, которые снимала на этот раз моя мама. Она никогда еще не фотографировала, и даже не держала такой фотоаппарат в руках, но результат по-моему очень даже отличный:))) К стати, мое платье сшито вручную. Я надеюсь, вам понравится:)


TracyJackson said...

wonderful photos !!

Vegan Lover said...

привіт :)

Oh wowww....you are the 'Lady Of The Lake' =)

So very, very lovely....I feel certain you will be chased by big magazines!

Anonymous said...

очень красивые фотографии сделала твоя мама, как для первого раза))
платье так вообще - такое нежное )
ты очень хорошо выглядишь :)

Alyona said...

Vegan Lover, Oh, sure!:)) Thank you so much:))

Alyona said...

boniless, спасибо, моя хорошая:)))

Vera Cortez said...

Hi!!! I love your blog, you have amazing photos.
And by the way thank you for the comment in my blog. I'm following your blog on GFC and Bloglovin. I would be so happy if want to follow mine.

XO, Vera

Kristen Bousquet said...

These photos are seriously amazing. They belong in a magazine. Your blog should be famous by now!

Sincerely, Kristen
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Vegan Lover said...

Aww, you're very welcome Miss Alyona :D

I'm being totally serious about big magazine attention, in case you think I was exaggerating a little! Absolutely NOT! Glad to see Kristen above sees your work in just the same way :))

So much loveliness all over this blog, it's amazing...I absolutely ADORRRRRE the entry below, so much it hurts!!


ідеальний!!! =) <33333

Anonymous said...

beautiful (:

Анастасия said...

ты такая красавица) и цвета на фото нравиятся очень

Anonymous said...

How beautiful you are... amazing! Photos are perfect, just like the dress and your smile.
Greetings from warm&sunny Croatia,


Alyona said...

Kristen Bousquet, thank you so much!! I'm pleased!:)))

Alyona said...

Vegan Lover, thaks!!:))))

Alyona said...

Secret Garden, thank you:)
Greetings from Ukraine;)

Le mode secret, Marta said...

Girl, you are amazing.I love this blog, its great, and as I see you are to.Photos, are awesome.This blog is soo lovely <33
If you want we can follow each other, and If not I wolud be very happy if you even visit my blog, cutie.
Kissses, Marta.

Vegan Lover said...

So lovely Alyona, it made me think of this =)))

Anonymous said...

Handmade dress!! Looks great on you! I love e scenery!

Ann Kos said...

очень нежные, красивые фотографии!!!
образ в целом супер!!!
буду рада взаимному общению!


Alice and Gabriella said...

Lovely pictures <3

Alyona said...

всем спасибо)))

Patricia said...

beautiful <3 following you!

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