Help me:)))

Good evening, dear readers and visitors! :)) I wanna change design of my blog)) That is why I want to ask about your view ) Perhaps you have some ideas or corrections about my design. Express your opinion, please:)))
Thank you:)
Добрый вечер, уважаемые читатели и посетители! :)) Я хочу изменить дизайн моего блога)) Именно поэтому я хочу узнать вашу точку зрения ) Может быть, у вас есть идеи или коррективы, касающееся моего дизайна. Выскажите свое мнение, пожалуйста :)))
Заранее спасибо:)


Vera Cortez said...

The design of your blog is very good!!! Perhaps you can change the color scheme, I don't know. But the most important is your style that is great, love your hair by the way.

Kiss, Vera

Wiki said...

Hey, I love Ukraine! From what city are you?

Alyona said...

Wiki, Kryvoi Rog :))

Wiki said...

The city looks well on photos :) I was in Odessa, Kyiv and Lviv, I really liked these cities. I should write it in the first comment, but i'll do it now : your blog is really intresting thing :)

Diana Boyko said...

очень красивая )

Vegan Lover said...

First thing: wonderful photo =))

Second thing: your blog looks fine Alyona, and is amazing no matter what, since it has you in it! <3

But here are some sites that may give you some fine redecorating ideas ))) :

Cherry Blossom said...

this photo is so cute :) maybe you can put a white background, I would love to do some changes to, and I think I will start with it :)

Alyona said...

Wiki, thank you so much:)
It is so cool))
And our city is not better cities, where you were..:) I carefully choose the location for shooting :)))
Kryvoi Rog is so long city and air is so dirty :(

Alyona said...

Diana Boyko, спасибо:))

Vegan Lover, thank you for the links:)

Cherry Blossom, do not you like the blue color? :)

Wiki said...

On your photos it looks really beautiful.
I don't believe that you are only 17 years old (like me, by the way) and you take as great as professional photographer! Do you study in this direction?

Alyona said...

No,I don't study in this direction:)I am an amateur. Thanks for the nice words.:)

Yes, people say that I am 20 years old on the photos. I'm sad about this:(
I want to look my age ..:)

Wiki said...

So I think that you are gifted amateur! :) You should do something with it, if you have no plans for your future :)

Hm, it has good sides certainly :) I'm in the same situation, I'm very tall.

Ninda said...

hi dear, maybe you should add some banner on your blog! :)

Anna Moore said...

Привет, Алена!фото замечательные! я всегда радуюсь,когда нахожу украинские блоги, которые ничем не уступаю европейским!
Буду рада взаимно подписаться!
донецкий блогер Анна (:

Michwmior said...

So beautiful style and youre very elegent :)
Cant deny i love your style alott <3
Thanks for dropping by at my blog .....Hope we could follow each other via bloglovin, lookbook or GFC :)

Anni said...

I actually offer custom blog header designs - if you can stand waiting until this Friday I will be showing two commissions I just finished so you can have a look too! :)

Anna Klímová said...

Hello :) i like your's so sweet :) maybe you can change only a color of the backround or you can change style of a script :) or you can change colors of your blog with every new season ( it's starting autumn so what about some autumn colors?) :) I¨m blogger too and i know that it's not easy to do a good looking design so...good luck :) :)

Lily said...

gorgeous photos! i love your style! could we follow each other?

Chayenne said...

Lovely blog :)

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