Outfit. Red ease

The third part of the summer is yet to come and it is so good! I have big plans at this time:) Today post is not about it.
I have photo to show you.  Perhaps, almost every girl has already had this flowing dress from Love .. :) And I subscribe to you :)
Треть лета еще впереди и это очень радует! У меня большие планы на это время:) Но сегодняшний пост не об этом.
В жару легкие платья только и спасают:) Наверное, это струящееся платье от Love уже есть практически у каждой девушки..:) И я к вам присоединяюсь:)

Have a good weekend!:)  Хороших вам выходных!:)


ChicToChic said...

I love this dress! It fits perfect on you! ^_^
ChicToChic on Facebook

Vera Cortez said...

I just found out your blog, is amazing, great photos.

If want check my blog:

Gaby de Modacapital said...

The dress is amazing, love the color! :)

Anonymous said...

Класс:) Мне очень нравится!

Kristen Bousquet said...

Where is this dress from!? I love it!

Sincerely, Kristen
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La Florinata said...

Great photo! love it!


Alyona said...

thank you so much!!:)
Kristen Bousquet, dress LOVE :)

the rubber doll by pepa said...

Like your Look hon <333


P.S.LilyBoutique said...

Gorgeous dress! Love your looks <3 Just started to follow you Dear :)


Lauren May said...

I love this dress! Who takes your photos? It's beautiful :)

Alyona said...

Thank you, girls!:)
Lauren May, my friend Kate:)

Rita Lima said...

Hi, where can I buy a dress like this for christmas ?

Love, Rita

Alyona Gromovaya said...

Rita, http://inlovewithfashion.com :)

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