Recently I was cleaning up  the wardrobe and had found aunt's dress! It is 20 years old, but looks like new.  It's dress for all times  I hasten to share  today's photos in it with you . I feel myself so gracefully and so elegant.:)
Недавно я провела ревизию в гардеробе и нашла чудесное платье тёти! Ему уже лет 20, а выглядит как новое. Это платье на все времена.:) Спешу с вами поделится сегодняшней порцией фотографий в нем. Чувствую себя так элегантно:)


Jana said...

Wow, this dress looks amazing on you!!!! I just found your blog and I like it a lot!
What do you think about following each other? :)
Greetings Jana


Sylwia from the sign of design said...

Your outfit are gorgeous :) What do you think about following each other? Please let me know on my blog:)

NastyRubinstein said...

Первое фото прекрасно

Alyona said...


Sylwia from the sign of design said...

I'm following back !:)))))))

Lucia said...

I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? If you want just follow me and send me your link on lavieenrose.blog8@gmail.com and I will follow you immediately

Gledis said...

красотка невероятная)
и есть такие вещи которые никогда не выйдут из моды,мне кажется это платье именно такое)

Alyona said...

Lucia, thank you;)

Alyona said...

Gledis, спасибо большое:))
да-да) оно чудесно:)

ChristinaFrankie said...

Какое чудесное платье.
И вы очень красивая!


Елена Гилка said...

be friends? http://lengilochka.blogspot.com/

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi pretty!! :)
I really like your blog and your amazing style, I´m following you :D
... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

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