Light dress

Hi, guys! Today is October, but the weather in Ukraine is still good and warm :)
Recently I received the package from with magnificent clothes inside.
Here is one lovely dress... I'm in love with it :)
Dress: New Dress

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Summertime is the best time ever. I enjoy it so much during my university holidays. And.. Some updates are here!:)
I'm gonna show you my floral outfit. First of all, a huge thanks to CHOIES for these cool sunnies and top, which I received last week.I had no idea that it will be so great! You can also check it here: 
I'm very happy to wear it with my shorts and sneakers, it is a basic summer outfit, which mixes comfort and beauty.

Немножко о самом лучшем отдыхе:)

     Совсем скоро я уезжаю на море, и было особенно приятно увидеть пост у Риты Галкиной о конкурсе, где нужно вспомнить самый лучший отдых -
      В голове промелькнули сразу тысячи картинок и приятных вспоминай, но больше всего греет душу солнышко 2011 года, Крым, Опук. Это самое чудесное место, которое я, наверное, посетила. Мы были здесь всего один день, но насладились настоящей природой вдоволь!:)


 Today's article is a little beginning of blogging (again!). To be honestly, the main reason of my irregular posts is I can't invent the title of my blog. Really, I want to change it for something interesting or creative, but I can't :( I've been thinking about it for a month.  I hope, something interesting will come to my mind ))
Some updates have already here, so I'm ready to show you my classic outfit. It includes a fabulous blue top from Kristine's collection. :) I decided to wearing it with the classic pants. What do you think about my look?:) Even If you have remark, please, feel free to write it! :)
Wish you a nice day!


Greeting, guys. It is spring now! Yeah-Yeah:) I'm so glad! Our weather is so cold and windy. Beautiful and cozy clothing from nowistyle help me to keep warm:)
Feel free to visit their their website and choose fashionable clothing.
Have a nice time.